Jeff Young Photography provides clients high quality aerial photography, flying mainly in two seat helicopters with the door removed on my side to provide the best shooting angles possible. Larger four seat helicopters are used when the client/designers are to accompany me on the shoot, same shooting principle, just more room. My client’s included major industrial and development firms, port facilities, engineering groups and marketing concerns with companies on locations worldwide.

I work with the clients in preparing for aerial shoots by going over site plans, maps and other information relating to the project, I then meet with the pilot nearest the location to be photographed to discuss the best flight plan to ensure the most time over the locations to be photographed, time in the air is money being  spent. Preparation  is key to success on any job, preparation in aerial photography is essential in completing the job on time and on budget.






About Jeff

Born & raised in Tampa, Fl. I began my journey in photography during High School, where I learned basic photography skills along with B&W darkroom techniques, eventually becoming the school lab tech, my position was to teach the other students, freeing up the educators for more classroom time. After assisting with photographers and working in labs that included all formats of B&W processing, printing and E-6 processing I was fortunate enough to have learned that commercial photography was a job that I had a passion for and I saw a way to make a living at it.