Jeff Young Photography

Production of Still Photography, Internet based Videos and Aerial Photography

Services provided:

  1. Pre-Shoot consulting with Client/Designers
  2. Scout and prep location or studio
  3. Research & book needed talent (crew, models, stylist)
  4. Confirm shot list & all personnel
  5. Shoot
  6. Post work, edit, produce CDs, deliver
  7. Photoshop work if requested
  8. Deliver Final Images
  9. Follow-up to ensure success

Additional Services for Video:

  1. Work with basic scripting ideas
  2. Provide Script support/writers
  3. Put Crew & Equip. Package together
  4. Provide Direction on the Shoot
  5. Off camera interviewer for Q&A
  6. Post work, editing, effects, music
  7. Provide 1st look demo
  8. Deliver final edit on requested format

My job requires direct communication with clients and designers in every phase of a booking, preparation through execution and follow-up.

Jeff Young Photography specializes in location work, I strive to provide services that are creative, on time and on budget. I bring the “Studio” and the crew to any location that is needed, the client is provided with the realism of their chosen environment, specific to their marketing format in a positive and creative setting.